Pillar Three – Mindset

The Mindset pillar of the Four Pillars of Holistic Well-being is probably my favourite pillar, mainly because I feel that with mindset, there is so much potential to be gained. Mindset means what it says – your mind – ‘set’ or in other words, your mind’s ‘set point’. Your mind’s ‘set point’ is the overall state of your thoughts, feelings and emotions a majority of the time. This set point in essence determines your interaction with the world and thus your reality. If the sum of your thoughts and emotions rotate in a negative fashion, leaving you in a disempowered state, then this will be how you see the world. On the other hand, if you are mostly optimistic about your life, then this too will be how you see it.

The major point to bring here is that the world at large is not the cause of how you see the world – YOU ARE.

This simple but life-changing shift can be the difference between reaching your goals, living a happy, fulfilled like or not – the choice is yours. It’s important to note that the things that have happened in your life, both positive and negative are real and have had an impact to you. They have shaped the way you think up to this point. Yet, it is you who actually chooses how to respond. The beauty of looking at life in this way is that you also have the power to change anything or everything should that be what you want. The key is to start and finish with you!

Once you do decided to choose, the real work starts. It one thing to say to yourself, “Yes, I’m going to think positive thoughts and my life will change” it’s another to integrate the changes into you so deeply, that you don’t know yourself any other way. Lifting weights or starting a new fitness program is no different to this. Many begin with the initial will, to make a change. This begins with either joining the gym, seeking out a trainer or joining a class among numerous other things.

Once you begin it all feels new, you’re motivated, excited – this is the easy part. The real challenge comes 6-8 weeks later when the novelty has worn off, your will power is fading and you’re not seeing the results you want. Changing your mindset from this point is very much the same. It takes time, work and consistence effort to change the way you were thinking into a new improved and positive way.

“It wont happen over night, but it will happen!”

Altergeo has a very unique way to help clients find their new mindset point and then work towards integrating it long term. It’s called the “Find your Alterego” and we run regular workshops for clients to help them through the process. It has been the single most important factor in clients reaching their goals. Look out for my article on the “Find Your Alterego” process in future blog posts. I go deep into how Alterego uses it to get the most out of clients training.