Pillar One – Movement

The Art of Movement

Our first pillar of welling-being is movement, many clients when starting with us, will ask ” Movement? Don’t you mean exercise?”
My response is, no.

Exercise is movement, but movement is not just exercise.

I think for many people, the word exercise has bad connotations, exercise can be seen as a chore, a ‘must do,’ if you want to loose weight. Our government haseven set guidelines of a minimum of 30mins of ‘exercise’ a day.

Just look at its meaning:

1. activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness

The physical effort to sustain health and fitness, — sounds like hard work! 

So why choose the word ‘Movement’?

Well, I feel the word ‘movement’ offers a deeper appreciation to the art and skill that our bodies are capable of. I’ve studied the Brazilian martial art, Capoeira for many years. In hindsight I feel that I had originally started because I thought it would be good exercise to do. Later, I fell in love with the movement of the martial art, but most importantly, I loved how it made me feel. When you are ‘playing’ Capoeira with someone, it can feel like you have transcended, you are at peace, while your full attention is within your body and towards the person in front of you (well, it needs to be, or you risk getting kicked in the face) and for that briefest of moments, all your worries and fears are gone.

There is no space for your opponent to overwhelm your mind; the present moment is all there is.

Movement is spiritual and healing. Yoga was created as a moving mediation, dancing was born as a form of expression and connectedness. Martial Arts was designed to cultivate energy and power. Movement is all these things are more. When we do exercise, we need to feel the movement inside of it — feel our bodies, and connect to what’s present. Then, it does not become about effort it becomes joy and fulfilment. Pain and soreness become the opening to further movements, to greater awareness. And as the body heals and repairs we gain new strength, new insight and a greater sense of well-being.

So, how do you go from exercise to movement?

This is simple, add fun! Find something you enjoy, this alone will give purpose to the exercises you do.
Love to dance? Well then working your glutes, hamstrings and core muscles will be imperative to improving your skills.
Love to hike? Do the same.
Love to paint? Working the upper body, specifically, the lats, trapeziums, shoulders, forearms will all add benefits.

Finding the movements to work with, will in turn provide you with a sense of appreciation for your body and its potential, you will be ale to express yourself, further your talents while improving your health and fitness, and that is a win, win form all angles.