Pillar Two — Nourishment

Nourishment embodies all the things that renew and repair the body, like pillar one of The 4 Pillars of Holistic Health & Well-being,  Movement, (If, you need a quick re-cap on how movement works,  check out our previous blog on the first pillar, here.) I want to communicate a deeper meaning and understanding.. Nourishment, although a major component, is not just nutrition, nourishment also includes resting and sleep, its includes massage and other body works like stretching, and self care.

The purpose of nourishment is to provide balance to movement, we are unable to maintain our movement practice, if we are not fuelling the body correctly. We cannot repair and recover if do not give ourselves time to rest or facilitate quality sleep. Essentially, nourishment is the yin to the yang of movement, both compliment each other and both are affected when the other isn’t present.

How to we incorporate this pillar?

Start with nutrition and find out what is the best eating plan for you.

We are all very different, and what works for some may not work for others. Take the time to know what’s the best plan for you and which food makes you feel good. Many say that health is 80 percent food, but I like to look at it like a marriage – you need both partners to make it work. Movement and Nourishment need each other for the best results.

Next look at the quality of your sleep. We don’t all need 8 hours, but you do want to wake feeling rested. I find a nighttime ritual help me the best. Spend at least an hour or so before bed to prepare for sleep, Often, I turn off all electrical items like the TV, computers, iPads and phones at least two hours before I plan on sleeping. If you’re still feeling a little restless from the day, a great bedtime tonic to drink is a mixture of hot water, organic honey and apple cider vinegar (you can find the recipe below) or a simple camomile tea. Another trick I use is to take a magnesium supplement, magnesium is a wonderful nutrient that calms nerves and anxious feelings, and if I have measured my time correctly, I may even do a quick 5-10 minute meditation. All of this helps me to feel relaxed before bed and I generally have a much deeper, more peaceful sleep.

Finally, get that massage. Give yourself the gift to be looked after for a change. If you can’t get to a massage appointment, do a stretch class or yoga class. These are great ways to calm you central nervous system and stimulate recovery. Remember — your brain is designed for survival. If we are constantly on the go, never take breaks, stay up late working, the body will think that it’s under attack even though you’re not.

Choosing to take time to nourish yourself will help your mind, stop and unwind, help the body recharged and repair and allows you to take control of your thought patterns and direct them in a way that suits you best.

Keep an eye out on our how you can incorporate next pillars, mindset and mindfulness into your everyday, in the mean time, try out our Apple Cider Vinegar Bedtime Tonic below!

ACV Bedtime Tonic

1 TBS of organic Apple Cider Vinegar
1 TBS of raw honey
1 cup of warm or hot water

1. Mix the organic honey and a few tablespoons of hot water together in a mug to dilute the thickness of the honey
2. Once the water has cooled to warm, add 1 tablespoon of organic Apple Cider Vinegar and mix well — be sure to add the ACV in warm water as boiling hot water can alter the structure of the ACV and take away all its goodness!
3. Add a cinnamon quill to stir or enjoy on its own!