You can probably tell that I’ve just watched another Netflix series – Marvel’s “Iron Fist”. It’s the fifth instalment of the Daredevil series, which is leading to the Defenders series. While I wasn’t overly impressed by the Iron Fist story, I found a very valuable lesson in there. One that many of us share and I feel I re-learn over and over again.

The character Iron Fist has the ability to summon a powerful energy which makes his hands glow a bright yellow and turns his fist into an iron weapon. The only drawback is that he needs to power up his chi in order to summon this energy. When he gets tired, run-down, frustrated and angry, his Chi is affected. This is something that many of us experience every day. We all want to be our best, to summon our own super powers, but life gets hectic and busy and overwhelming.

In many of the scenes Iron First gets angry and frustrated because he can’t summon his powers when he needs them the most. The power only resurfaces when he takes the time to stop, centre himself, meditate and calm down. In this calm and centred state, his fists glow and the power of the iron fist is his to wield – his Chi is what gives him power. It’s his life force or energy.

And like many of us, it needs time to regenerate. I often see clients who are pushing themselves in many areas of life: work, family, business etc. It’s a chaotic world and there just doesn’t seem to be time to rest. But we all have Chi, we all need time to stop and rejuvenate in order to be our best.

If we don’t take this time, we soon become tired, confused and overwhelmed. Even working out takes energy. But if you’re always depleted something has to give. I see it too much in the form of adrenal fatigue or high cortisol or injuries in clients.

You often hear that it’s matter of willpower. “You just need to push through”. Push through this deadline, push through this workout or get through this social event. Sure, sometimes we need to push. Sometime we have to muster all the energy we have to get through whatever in front of us.

But problems arise when this becomes the norm. When every day and everything is a “push through”. Our willpower, our ability to push through, is the same as chi and it comes in limited supply. We need time for willpower to regenerate and power back up. If we’re constantly spreading our will power thin then we’re likely to become less effective at what we want to achieve. We’re also less prepared for when life flips our world into chaos.

So how do we combat this?

Try these 3 easy steps:

1. Give yourself permission to STOP – If you think you’ve pushed yourself to the edge, then only you can make a change. If you have people that depend on you, open the lines of communications. Tell them that you’re stretched and need some support. In most cases people don’t realise you’re exhausted.

2. Find what helps you re-generate your Chi – meditation, massage, sleep or just something fun. Whatever it is for you do it and do it often.

3. Schedule in your rest times –just like any appointment, if you make time for it you’re more likely to stick to it. Book an appointment with yourself for rest and rejuvenation. It doesn’t always mean heading to a day spa or wellness retreat. It could be just 10 minutes of silence or listening to relaxing music.

We’re all trying to be more productive, get more done, pack as much life into life as we can. Energy depletion seriously impacts our ability to do this. It seems counterintuitive, but most of the time you’ll find you get more done when you proactively take the time to restore your energy.

Chat with us in studio about our restorative classes, and if you’re struggling to figure out what to do to relax, ask one of our coaches for your own personal restorative plan.

Let’s get your Iron Fist charged up.