“Meditation is a way to purify and quiet the mind, thus rejuvenating the body”

Deepak Chopra 



the benEfits


Stress has been called the “Health epidemic of the 21st Century” by the World Health Organisation. Learning to meditate helps reduce stress and allows the brain to work more efficiently.



Over exposure to stress leaves our bodies fatigued and exhausted. High levels of cortisol and adrenaline keeps the body in a constant state of hyper-vigilance. Meditation helps bring that focus back and allows the body to relax and heal.



Living in a peaceful and calm state is our natural inclination. Meditation helps us calm the mind and get in touch with the intelligence of our hearts. This leads to better decision making, less reactivity and more peaceful interactions in our relationships.  


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Our free meditation class runs every Saturday morning at 9 am. To attend, book yourself a spot via the Mindbody app.