Private personal training sessions are the most effective and
quickest way to reach your fitness goals. Having a dedicated Fitness Coach
tailor a program specifically for your needs will ensure a greater level of
success while ensuring proper progress and development.



Our aim is to always make sure that our training programs are effective, safe and sustainable. To ensure this, our clients are initially put though a ‘Foundations’ program when they first begin. In this program, we are really preparing the body for exercise. We ensure that joints have the range of movement required, that postural and supporting muscles are doing their job and that every client can perform perfect techniques and executions to a variety of exercises. The foundation process assists with even greater results, prevents injury and allows for longevity of training.


• A rehabilitation program will be recommended for clients who may have a pre-existing or current injuries. Our aim here is to get our clients out of pain and back to functional movement. Depending on the clients and the seriousness of the injury, this isn’t always a speedy process and can take time and patience for the recovery to take hold.

Once a Foundations or Rehabilitation program have been completed successfully, our coaches will focus on specific goals requested by the client.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & condition programs are for clients that are looking to get strong. Strength through a variety of movement patterns while also having the ability to maintain that strength though various lifts.

Weight Loss / Body Composition

The design of this program is to assist in the change of aesthetics of our clients body shape. Our focus lies within the reduction in body fat and the appearance of toned muscles.

Sports / Event Specific

This program is for the client who is training for an event or sport. By look at the specific of the event or sport a tailored program will be constructed to enhance performance and optimise recovery.